Why? “ Shantydolls " A simple love story
Ok, a little bit of story.
Time ago I was in love with someone very special, called Shantilal, his hometown was Sri Lanka after a while died in an accident .While after on my job as Ship’s suppliers I had to use my middle name Chantal, for Business reasons there was someone already called Guisell.
People and friends who had no idea of my beloved Shanty as I used to call him, started calling me after a few years Shanty.
In 2001 My daughter was born, the last of four. I was looking for something special for her birthday when I found a Store and saw a doll of this style "Soft Country" I felt haunted by their shapes, colors, and warmth, so I buy it and give it to my baby.
Not long after I visit the store and look an infinity of times in and ask if I could learn to make these dolls, to my surprise, the answer was ! Yes!! I was as happy as the first time I received a gift from my dear father (QPD ) rest in peace,
I started to learn this technique, with patience, and hard trying, only after three months later I achieved a reasonable face and details.
It was my eldest son, who told me one day, “ Mami someone wants a doll , a Shanty doll and so they started to be named.
I decided to dedicate myself making this hobby my passion and I began to teach this spiritual gift, to display, and sales all began in Chile.
Over time the fate decided that Germany was my country, I live in Germany for about 9 years and after a process of adaptation and due to the inability to work I decided to start my "Shantydolls"

My Dolls or My magical world l as many name it.
It is a joy to deliver love through my dolls, not only for the purchase also to look and enjoy them. Unconditional love is a magic that comes from the soul, they say around;
"Your Dolls are Magic “. They recover life when they find their own. I've always said that when I decide to make a doll is intended for anyone in particular, as if they had been waiting for.
Here is what most of my story summarized:
Shantilal +Peace+ love + Chantal = Shantydolls
And finally the literal translation of Shanty
शांति _Peace, Shanti, noiselessness, restfulness, Quietude, Quiescence,